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Kia ora,

My name is Attila, I'm an optimistic and friendly IT guy, who likes music, wine, films, animals and enjoy to walking in nature.

I started to learn to program in 1992. In the end of 90's I usually repair and assembly computers, installing operating systems for my friends. I meet the WEB in 1998 and in early 2000's I made my first website. In 2004 I established an IT company with my best friend (still my best friend). We buy&sell, repair, refurbish computers and laptops. I made my first e-commerce website in 2008 [].

From 2013 I work on the market leader, heavy traffic loaded women's content and health websites.

Continuously update my knowledge, I regularly bought e-learning stuff and go to professional meetups. I look forward to meeting you for a coffee.

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  • from Aug 2014

    Lead web developer at

    Central Médiacsoport Zrt.

    Since of Aug 2014, I am the main web developer for the group and I work together with a great team. The is the market leader health website in Hungary. I was responsible for a completely responsive site rebuild, continuous SEO improvements, code, and performance optimize in a heavy traffic multisite. Develop a lot's admin functions, these functions make easier to create and organizing content for site editors. Nowadays, I hold Wordpress SEO presentations for company colleagues.

    Two example of my work:

    One of my own and favorite projects was the This site is made for children to draw their favorite doctor and the visitors rate the drawings. I built the full backend system, and I help to configure the server to run it. I used the latest technologies Laravel 5, Rocketeer for deploying, GIT, Facebook API, Nginx.

    My last work I am proud of is the We made this "life change" portal in a short time, my main responsibility is the coordinating the technical issues (Mobile APP - OAuth server - Wordpress user data synchronization), resolve the errors and build a strong and scalable API backend. Furthermore, I implemented a user login and register system based on OAuth technology. I proud of these project, because we finished on time, and have a big potential to update the system and implement new functions. But the best is, the users are love to use also.

  • from Aug 2014

    DevOps, Full Stack Developer at

    Central Médiacsoport Zrt.

    In the Hazipatika I often working with Linux servers. Mainly, I resolved the technical issues, configuring the crontab and Apache web server, and make hot fixes.

    Search for query performance on the PostgreSQL / MySQL server, and make query optimizations in the source code. We do a lot's of server upgrades, version updates and optimize performance.

  • Nov 2013 – Aug 2014

    Web developer at

    Sanoma Media Budapest Zrt. is the market leader women website in Hungary. I developed content management and custom admin functions, example easy photo uploading system, receipt upload module and I implemented a brand new WYSIWYG editor with custom modules. One of my big projects is the NLCafé responsive website upgrade. The whole frontend is rebuilt and I make lot's of code optimization in a heavy traffic website with multiple frontend servers. I learned a lot's of PHP OOP practices from my Senior colleague.

    I learn and use a lot of new technology, example GIT, Bootstrap framework, CentOS. I also worked with the SEO team to keep and improve the Google organic positions. Usually, I used Google Analytics and webmaster tools to analyze site traffic and visitors behaviors. One of my own projects was the, this is an editors blog site based on Wordpress.

  • Mar 2004 - Dec 2016

    Owner, IT expert, web developer at

    Zöldneon Kft. - Own company

    In 2004 I established an IT company with my best friend (still my best friend). Sell, refurbish and service of premium quality used computers and laptops. Build custom informatic solutions, local networks and server management, repair computers and laptop hardware and software and make a full IT support for SME sector from the beginning. We always think about the customers and business partners, this is our strength. We do always offer premium quality services and care about the customers.

    Develop multiple websites and make web hosting solutions for clients from 2006. I used various systems and programs, example QuickCMS and Photoshop. I built e-commerce solutions from 2008, I used a lot of different frameworks for it, like Magento, QuickCart. I also made CMS and CRM systems from 2010. I started using Drupal and Wordpress, with custom write modules.

    I helped my partners for business growth, thereby I gave internet marketing and SEO solutions. Daily I used the Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google AdWords for the work.

    Regularly I make sales newsletters, online - offline advertisements, Facebook fan page management, e-commerce website product upload and conversion development. After 2008 I usually go to business meetups, bought e-learning courses and go professional seminarians.

    Two example of my work: is one of the best walking tours provider companies in Budapest. I made the full responsive website with some third party services integration, example weather. I used WordPress CMS for common functions and I wrote modules to serve automatically the tours and special media types. is a personal life coach responsive website. Virag has a vision, she helps for the women to find a great life balance for working and the home things. I made a nice website for her, based on Wordpress CMS.

  • 2003 - 2004

    BM Katasztrófavédelmi Oktatási Központ [Technician degree]

    Field Of Study Fire Prevention and Safety Technology/Technician

    I spend my conscription in the disaster protection education center. On that time my main responsibility is given IT support and computer repair for more than 100 computers and dozens of printers. Furthermore, I build a new education room with 20 computers and a local network.

  • 2000 - 2002

    Egressy Gábor Két Tanítási Nyelvű Szakgimnázium [Technician degree]

    Field Of Study Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services

    In that time, I usually repair and assembly computers, installing operating systems for my friends. Our examination project is a computer controlled, 4 axis CNC electronics with stepper motors. I wrote the software and made a parallel port interface for that.

  • 2000

    In early 2000's I made my first website.

    Starting to learn HTML language.

  • 1990 - 2000's

  • 1998

    I meet the Internet technology and it started my new WWW era

  • 1996 - 2000

    Wesselényi Miklós Műszaki Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola [High School]

    Field Of Study Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician

    During the high school ages, I interested about electronics and computer hardware. I made small graphics demos (inspired by demoscene) and make computer music with FastTracker II. I made a lot of electronic circuits (amplifier, crossover, eq) and loudspeakers.

  • 1995

    I bought my first of Intel PC in this year.

    I also start to learn Microsoft Basic programming language.

  • around 1991

    Starting to learn programming

    My first computer was the Commodore 64. I started to learn how to programming the Commodore. Two years later I create my first computer graphics, I figure out, how to create and move custom sprites. That was the beginning.